Arizona Youth Collaborative
Our Vision: Arizona will have sustained and sustainable public support for youth development services, activities, organizations and policies that ensure young people, ages 12 – 21, have the necessary supports and opportunities needed for successful transition to young adulthood.


The Arizona Youth Collaborative is a statewide effort that provides an organizational infrastructure to serve as the vehicle to increase the capacity of those individuals work with and on behalf of young people (e.g., staff from youth serving organizations, faith-based organizations, social service agencies, juvenile, justice, education and others).

This support will increase their ability to provide the supports and opportunities necessary for young people to successfully transition into young adulthood.  These young people will then:
  • Succeed educationally and professionally
  • Earn a livable wage
  • Have positive personal and social relationships
  • Be active in civic engagement in their community and state.

Why this is Important:
Youth development programs play a critical role in providing the supports and opportunities necessary for young people to successfully transition from adolescence into young adulthood. Young people who are engaged in high quality, intentionally focused youth development programs are more likely to graduate from high school and enter college, more likely to engage in pro-social rather than anti-social behaviors, and more likely to be engaged members of their communities. In order for youth programs to have the greatest impact, youth program leaders, managers and staff must have the tools and information necessary to understand effective, evidence-based practices.

Guided by a community-based Advisory Board, this statewide effort recently completed Year One activities funded by The Wallace Foundation of Arizona, The Arizona Community Foundation, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives and The University of Arizona.*  Leadership is provided by Lynne Borden, Extension Specialist/Professor.

What does AZYC offer?
• Building a constituency:
Facilitates conversations/partnerships between and within organizations

• Building the sector’s capacity:
Educates and provides technical assistance to those individuals who work with and on the behalf of young people

• Building the message:
Develops effective and persuasive messaging to frame and advance youth development in Arizona

INFO: Understanding Youth Development Course - Fall 2009

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